Here are photos of a simple concrete driveway and sidewalk in Lake Forest, CA being demolished and the new driveway installed.

Driveway and sidewalk to be removed

Preparation for the jackhammer to demolish the driveway and sidewalk.

Jackhammer in progress

Jackhammer driveway demolition in progress.

The complete driveway and sidewalk are broken up and ready to be removed.

Beginning of loading the broken up concrete to be recycled.

cement truck

Cement truck delivering the new mix.

concrete pump

Concrete pump after completion.

Finishing the new driveway in Lake Forest

Finish work on the new sidewalk

Crew member taking care hand smoothing out the new sidewalk.

Cutting the seams in the new driveway

Hand smoothing the driveway after cutting stress seams.

The new driveway curing

The new driveway and sidewalk poured, leveled, graded and curing.

New driveway drying and curing

Another photograph of the new driveway in Lake Forest, CA drying and curing.

Concrete Removal In Garden Grove

A Small Garden Grove Driveway

New Concrete Driveway in Garden Grove

A Small Garden Grove Driveway Drying


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